About the Office

The McLean County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the highest traditions of excellence in the practice and delivery of law enforcement and corrections. We are enriched by and take pride in our purpose, values, sense of community, personal loyalty, and leadership.McLean County Sheriffs Office Badge 2022

Our Commitment to You

With a spirit of cooperation, compassion, and commitment to all we serve, we will achieve the mission, goals, and plans that assure the success of the McLean County Sheriff’s Office in the fulfillment of its duties, responsibilities, and obligations.

Terms of Use

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Keep Your Family Safe

OffenderWatch specializes in providing Sex Offender Services to Law Enforcement Agencies and to their Communities.  With McLean County’s Offender page, you can:

  • Search for sex offenders in your area
  • Register to receive email alerts
  • Protect your family with safety tips and information

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Warning Regarding SCAM Attempts:349127189_922921065462770_7059726159506770789_n

It has been brought to our attention that a telephone scam attempt has occurred in our area in which the caller claims to be from our office. These scammers are known to "spoof" phone numbers making them appear to be coming from a legitimate source, like our office. Then, they look up public records to identify the names of our deputies and claim to be one of those deputies.
We assure you, no one from our office will ever call you and claim that you owe money for an outstanding warrant or ever attempt to collect money from you over the phone. If you receive a call like this, simply hang up and block the number.
If you become the victim of a financial loss, please contact your local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction to file a report. 
Further information about telephone scams can be found at the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Advice: